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Memphis Style BBQ Rub is an all purpose seasoning that was made for beef, especially brisket, excellent on chicken, prime rib, ribs, tri tip, pork ribs, and whole chicken. There is a low sugar content in this rub, prevents burning when searing with it on a very hot grill or smoker. Memphis Style has a blast of flavor from fresh ground black, white, and red peppers topped off with a hit of Worcestershire powder, coarse kosher salt, and other spices. This seasoning will be right at home on hamburgers and pork chops and makes a great table condiment when you want an extra kick of pepper!

Three Little Pigs Memphis Style BBQ Rub

  • INGREDIENTS: Salt, spices, sugar, sodium diacetate, corn starch, dehydrated onion and garlic, tomato powder, monosodium glutamate caramel color, torula yeast, silicon dioxide (anti-caking), malic acid, lemon oil, citric acid, natural flavor and not more than 2% calcium stearate added to prevent caking.

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