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Broilmaster Painted Steel Patio Post BL26P


Customize your Broilmaster grill with stainless steel or painted steel post options. Posts are ideal for more permanent situations where space may be limited. In-ground posts are perfect for installing on uneven terrain such as a lawn. The patio post options with bases are ideal for flat surfaces.


Fits these grills:

    • Premium P3SX
    • Premium P3XF
    • Premium P4XF
    • Slow Cooker Q3X
    • Infrared R3
    • Charcoal C3
    • Deluxe H3X
    • Premium P3X
    • Premium 4PX
    • Deluxe H4X
    • Infrared R3B

Broilmaster Painted Steel Patio Post

    • Patio Posts (27-in. Tall post with Cast Iron base.  Ships in Two Cartons)
    • Stainless Steel Patio Post with Base

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