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Alpha 36S

The Alpha 36S is a clean-face traditional fireplace available with a traditional log set. Available in arched or rectangular opening.

Alpha 36S

As an ideal contemporary heating solution to be installed inside an existing fireplace, the Alpha 36S benefits from a wide range of design options. This enables customization to meet your exact specifications. Because it's a direct vent model, it can be placed almost anywhere in the home; with flexible venting connecting it to the outside world, air is allowed to flow around the fire bin when necessary.

-Viewing Area: 32" x 388-1/4"
-48,000 BTU/hr input NG
-46,500 BTU/hr input LP
-High Efficiency: NG- 74.36% LP- 76.38%
-Electronic Ignition (IPI)
-High Quality Lifetime Glass
-Fan Kit (2)-75 CFM Blowers
-Remote Control - Full Function
-High-Low Regulator
-Engineer-Designed burner system

Standard Design Features:
-Accent Light Kit
-Screen Front

Optional Features:
-Refractory Options *Required for Installation* (Black Enamel Refractory Lining, Traditional Brick Refractory Lining, Herringbone Refractory Lining)
-Heat Duct Kit

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